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Inner management system of Great Wall Gear as following:

General Manager is responsible to Board Chairman.

Seven Departments are responsible to General Manager, including General Manager Office, Finance Depart., Engineering Depart., Manufacturing Depart., QC Depart., Export Business Depart., and Sales Depart..

General Manager Office leads works of Safe Guard, File Room, Eatery and Logistics team.

Manufacturing Depart. with aid of QC Depart., manage over subsidiaries in charge of work of Teeth Workshop, Hardware Workshop, Shifting Fork Workshop, Cam Workshop, Start Shaft Workshop, Hot-Treatment Workshop, Metalworking Workshop and Tool Workshop.

Manufacturing Depart. is in charge of Ware House and Fixing Team.

QC Depart. has subsidiaries including Measurement Team, Physics and Chemistry Team, Accessory Checking Team and Gear Checking Team.

Export Business Depart. is in charge of exporting business of the company's products.

Sales Depart. will help General Manager with domestic market's deploitation.

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